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The Ministry Of The Interior — Thu June 21, 2012 (Devotional)

Verse But ye are , 133; a royal priesthood. – 1pe 2:9 Thought By what right do we become “a royal priesthood” By the right of the Atonement. Are we prepared to leave ourselves...
June 21, 2012   0 Comments
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Time to Pray (Devotional)

pPassage Ephesians 6:18-19 Prayer Dear Father,May I fill my time with prayer and entreaties to you. Help me to keep alert for prayer. And to keep on, and keep on, and keep on.I offer supplications...
November 15, 2011   0 Comments
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Jesus, Full of Grace (Devotional)

Passage Hebrews 2:14 Prayer Dear Father, King of all,How full of grace you and your Son are for our sake! You let Jesus share in flesh and blood, partake of our nature, that he through his death...
September 12, 2011   0 Comments
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Jesus, Pioneer of Salvation (Devotional)

Passage Hebrews 2:5-13 Prayer Dear Father, King of all,Thank you for subjecting the world to come to our Lord Jesus Christ.Thank you that Jesus was willing for a time to be made lower than the angels...
September 11, 2011   0 Comments
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Help Lord!

Help, Lord!  Help, Lord those who are in need in of healing.  Help, Lord those who stand in need of a financial blessing.  Help, Lord those who need to feel your presence.  Help, Lord those who...
September 06, 2010   0 Comments
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