PPP History

Prayer, Praise and Partake (PPP)

Prayer and Praise was adopted when Minister Rebecca Forun was preparing for a mission trip to Kenya.  During her preparation she continuously asked for prayer for her journey ahead.  Michelle Hammonds came up with the idea of a prayer gathering for Minister Forun and the team.  A group of women gathering to cover them in prayer before their journey.  She opened her home to Minister Rebecca, the mission team and her guest in June 2006.  They started the evening fellowshipping and partaking of food and concluded with prayer and praise.  Fifteen ladies were present to lift up the name of Jesus and to pray for the journey and work to be done in Kenya.

Minister Rebecca later told me after leaving she had a hard time sleeping that night.  She explained, “God was speaking in numbers”. There were 15 ladies present that night.  Fifteen ladies leaving to go on the mission trip to Kenya.  They would be gone for 15 days.  Minister Rebecca further explained, “15 is God’s Grace Multiplied”. When these numbers kept coming up for me during the last trip to Kenya, God certainly did give us abundant multiplied grace (strength) for what was ahead on that journey, because  we hit a few road blocks, but we were able to conquer them all.”

In September 2009 with so much happening in our nation, communities and homes we decided it was time to do it again.  This time it would be different; a group of prayer warriors, intercessors and believers in prayer joining for Prayer, Praise and Partake.  And on October 31, 2009 was our 2nd PPP gathering.

The Lord began to speak to us about this prayer session. I shared with Minister Rebecca I was not sure where the word partake was coming from.  But, that is how God works with me at times.  He will give me a word and He speaks volumes to me from a single word. Yet I had no idea exactly why the word, partake?  Even though I knew we would be partaking of food for the human body; it still stuck out in my mind. What is the spiritual meaning of partake?  At the same time, I guess the Lord was revealing to Minister Rebecca that we should also partake of the Lord’s Supper during this gathering.  I was in such awe when she shared that with me. How great is our God?


Each attendee was asked to be attentive to their environment during the month.  Our prayer focus was to pray for those specific needs.

It might have been family, friends, friends of friends, the world, the nation, our local community.  We wanted to remove self and lift up the needs of others to God.  Trusting in Him to hear our prayer and answer according to His will.  We knew that God would hear our PRAYER, we would PRAISE him for his answer and PARTAKE of His loving kindness.

On July 10, 2010 we had 3rd Prayer, Praise and Partake event.  What a mighty move of God?  Even though we had a plan, God had another plan for us.  I guess all I can say is there was a Holy Ghost Takeover.


Our prayer focus for the evening was HEALING (Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually). Nancy Lee DeMoss said, “He wants to revive our hearts and it all begins with brokenness and humility. Proud people don’t think they need revival… Broken people continually sense their need for a fresh encounter with God and for a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit.  Our scripture for the evening came from Psalms 12 verse 1, “Help, Lord,…”.  Such an awesome sweet spirit embraced us…”

Since Minister Rebecca was preparing for her 3rd trip to Kenya, her team was again invited to join with us and guest were asked to bring baby blankets to help with her mission efforts.  The blankets were prayed over and blessed, that they would be a spiritual covering for the children that would wear them as a covering from the natural elements.  We finished our night with partaking of the Lord’s Supper and praising Him for His wonderous works.

And I guess you can say, the rest is history…..


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