Walk by Faith

I’ve been reading this book each morning called Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation by Gloria Coleman.  The subtitle says, 31 Bible Verses About Faith – To Keep You Overcoming!!!!  Each morning since I started reading the book, I have posted a graphic image on Facebook with the Bible verse for that day.  The author gives you instructions or meditation tips (same everyday).  Some of the tips are:

  • Choose to believe God’s Word and say I believe it and receive it.
  • Say the verse out loud or under your breathe through out the day
  • Use which ever version of the Bible that ministers to you
  • And review it again at night before you lay down


As I was mediating today, I thought about a conversation my son and I been having over the past few days.  He has decided to step out on his own and do something he has always wanted to do.  He’s not starting out where he eventually wants to end up, but he has the faith that he will get there.  Of course like everything else it takes time and as long as you keep moving forward, keeping Jesus at the forefront you will eventually make it to your destination.  I’m excited for him and even now I give God glory for the things he has done and will continue to do!!!

Having faith means believing and trusting God to do just what He says He will do in His Word.  We know also, the Bible says faith without works is dead.  So we can’t just sit still we have to make some moves; trusting and believing He will lead and guide us all the way.  Trusting and believing He will put the people and things in our path to help us get to the expected end!!!!

 [youtube Zl-IAL6zDKQ We Walk by Faith – John P Kee]


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