Help Lord!

Help, Lord!  Help, Lord those who are in need in of healing.  Help, Lord those who stand in need of a financial blessing.  Help, Lord those who need to feel your presence.  Help, Lord those who are crying out to you for mercy. Help Lord, those who have run out of words to pray.  Help, Lord those who need their mind regulated.  Help, Lord those who are bound by the enemy.  Help Lord those who seek after you, yet it seems stumbling blocks are in their way from drawing closer to you.  Move them right now oh God that they might see you, feel you, and hear you!  Help Lord that we might be a blessing to those we meet in our daily lives as we move about.  Help Lord that we will never stray from you or your presence.  Help Lord, that we might hide your word in our heart and that your spirit will lead and guide us to pluck it out when needed.  Help Lord, those who need a comforter in their hour of sorrow.  Heaven help us all!  In the name of Jesus we pray.  Amen!

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